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If By Chance You Have
a Lost or Damaged Item,
We're Ready to Help.
Occasionally, despite the best laid plans and everyone's best efforts, an item can get lost or damaged over the course of thousands of miles. If that's your situation, we want to address the problem quickly and resolve it to your satisfaction.
If You Have a New Claim...
New Claim
Your Order Number (non-military) or your GBL Number (Military
and GSA only) is required to process a new claim. Please also
have your contact information when submitting a new claim.

 File a New Military Claim  File A New Non-Military Claim
If You Want to Check the
Status of an Existing Claim...
Existing Claim
If you wish to check the status of an existing claim, please enter the
Claim Number assigned to your claim. If you encounter any problems
with your Claim Number please contact our Claims Department
at 1-800-256-4726.

Claim Number
IAM lacma IMSA